Super Mario Flash 2 - The best part of this game is when you die and Mario's head comes off.

Sonic Earth - Sonic and Tails have come to the earth and have transformed into humans

Sonic Heroes Puzzle - Try this unique puzzle sonic game.

Mario Halloween - Halloween themed mario world.

Naruto Chakra - Fun skill game - use the arrow keys and concentrate to climb the tree.

King of Fighters - Great version of this classic fighting game.

Rick Dangerous - Classic Rick Dangerous Game.

Sakura Dress Up - Another dress up game for Sakura fans.

Naruto vs Rock Lee - This is a cool movie between Naruto and Rock Lee.

Naruito Female Dress - Dress up several Naruto girl characters.

Metal Sonic Jigsaw Puzzle - Piece together Metal Sonic in this puzzle game.

Kill the Dog from Duck Hunt - Time to get revenge on the dog for laughing at you when you missed.

Naruto » Naruto Wrestling



Description: The best Naruto fighting game! Use W,A,S,D to move J, K, L, U, I, O to attack!
Player: You are player number 88206

Hot New Games

Goku vs Naruto - In Chinese, but it is a very cool RPG style game.

Dragon Ball Z High Time - Crtl to Attack, Up arrow to Jump, arrow keys to move. Great Dragon Ball Z action!

DBZ vs Mario - Movie of a great fight between Goku and Mario.

Dragonball Z Fighting - Cool Dragonball Z fighting game.

Naruto NG - Naruto at his best! In game intructions provided.

Naruto Meat Tank Battle - Choji turns into a ball and tries to run you over. You must dodge him at all cost and try to wear hi

Sonic Smash Bros - Smash heads in this Sonic & Company fighter.

Naruto Wrestling - The best Naruto fighting game! Use W,A,S,D to move J, K, L, U, I, O to attack!

Dragon Ball Z Village - Major strategy Dragon Ball Z fun!

Sim Girl 2 - Very cool sim with many cute girls to date.

Mario Movie Maker - This game lets you make a movie about Mario. You can show it to your friends.

True Naruto Style 2 - Second Part in a funny series featuring the Naruto Gang.

Super Mario Strikers - Super Mario Strikers is new soccer game, hit the soccer ball on Mario head and hit character icons f

Mario Dance - This is a Mario type dancing game, instead use your feet, you use the arrow keys.

Naruto Fighting - Short fighting game - fight as Naruto - against yourself.

Super Mario Mushroom Kingdom - This is one of great Mario Games. Princess peach is caught by bowser in the Mushroom kingdom, Super

Naruto Paper Maker - A fun draw your own scene game maker.

Paper Mario World - A really in depth play in Mario World.

Sonic Pacman - Classic pacman but with sonic the hedgehog in this game.

Rick Dangerous - Classic Rick Dangerous Game.

Legend of Zelda Walk - Another awesome flash clone, Play zelda in all its glory. Arrow Keys to move, ctrl to drop a bomb an

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